TestoPrime Ireland

TestoPrime Ireland – Low testosterone rhymes with sluggish muscle growth. To remedy this kind of problem, there are testosterone boosters with natural ingredients .

Some are effective while others have no effect. Today, I was testing TestoPrime Ireland , a dietary supplement recently launched on the Ireland market.

From its composition to its effects, I will tell you with a final test carried by myself. I will tell you by reading My TestoPrime Ireland review whether or not you should buy this product.


What is Testoprime Ireland ?

TestoPrime Ireland is a food supplement developed by the American manufacturer Wolfson Berg Limited known for having created the composition of other products intended for athletes such as Crazy Bulk , Phen24 or even PhenQ . The name of this sports supplement gives you a clue as to its function: it boosts testosterone . This is its main purpose, but there are other effects that we will see later in the article.

TestoPrime Ireland was released 5 years ago in the United States and since that time has helped over 140,000 men worldwide increase their testosterone without risking their health and completely legally.

The company admits to having invested over $100,000 in testing with labs to make their formula unique with optimal effects . The FDA (Food and Drug Administration, it is the American authority which is responsible for controlling food products and drugs on the American market) has checked and approved this product, which confirms that TestoPrime Ireland is safe and that its effects will be beneficial . Today, when we talk about the best testosterone booster , we often hear the name TestoPrime Ireland not far away. Its reputation is well established, and we will see if this is true a little later in the article during our test.

How Does it Work, What Are The Effects?

According to the makers of TestoPrime Ireland, you will be able to achieve up to 44% higher testosterone production levels using this natural booster. To achieve such a result, this dietary supplement is based on a completely natural composition that increases testosterone, which allows you to enjoy the following effects.

  1. Increased Muscle Strength
    Testosterone is essential when it comes to gaining muscle and therefore increasing muscle power. With TestoPrime Ireland, we can expect a 138.7% increase in muscle strength, thanks in particular to the improvement in blood circulation. The more fluid blood flow will nourish your muscles and provide them with energy more easily, which makes it easier to gain mass and therefore muscle strength.

  2. Promoted Fat Loss
    Whether it’s part of a diet or for fat loss to sculpt the body you dream of, session after session in the gym, it is often necessary to eliminate excess fat from your body. We know how hard it is and with that in mind, the 16% extra fat burning that TestoPrime Ireland claims, thanks to the increase in testosterone and the support it offers to the fat burning process. , will be very useful.

  3. Stress Reduction
    Stress is an illness that affects many individuals, and which causes various ailments (physiological and psychological). Among them, difficulty losing weight or hair loss, which you can fight by increasing your testosterone. TestoPrime Ireland will inhibit cortisol, which is also called the stress hormone , and thus help you reduce your stress. What you feel better every day, while being more efficient in all areas that you practice.

  4. Energy Booster
    For good performance, it is also necessary to have a sufficient dose of vitality. For this, it is wise to use the fats that we already have to turn them into energy , and this is what characterizes the metabolic process. TestoPrime Ireland would help convert absorbed fat into energy by improving this process by 12%.

  5. Improved Stamina
    For sports, daily efforts or more intimate moments, you need endurance. It is generally measured in VO2 Max, which corresponds to the consumption of oxygen and which can be improved via a cure of TestoPrime Ireland. Indeed, this supplement can help boost endurance by 92.2%, through the combination of several of its ingredients.

It is found that the effects of testosterone are significant on a daily basis, for athletes, people who wish to regain vigor, men who are unable to lose weight as they see fit, and that the generalized benefits of TestoPrime Ireland can really contribute to an overall improvement in physical and mental fitness.

What is TestoPrime Used For ?

There are, in total, 5 effects related to taking TestoPrime Ireland in addition to a healthy diet, regular physical activity and good sleep. Here they are.

  1. Boost Your Testosterone Naturally

    As the name suggests, TestoPrime Ireland is a testosterone booster.
    Its natural ingredients will therefore help your body to secrete a little more testosterone , but will also allow it to fully exploit the free testosterone (and all the androgens) available in your body.

    Ideal for maintaining and developing your muscle mass and strength , boosting your bone health and density and improving certain cognitive functions .

    TestoPrime Ireland contains 12 natural ingredients that will help you secrete significantly more testosterone, but also fight against the natural loss of testosterone, libido and age-related muscle mass.

  2. Increase Your Physical and Mental Energy

    The company that manufactures and markets TestoPrime Ireland, Wolfson Berg Limited, has not limited itself to adding testosterone boosting ingredients.

    The researchers and engineers who worked on this product have also added certain ingredients that will affect your physical and mental energy .

    ● Mental Energy

    One of the many causes of low testosterone levels is stress. Indeed, cortisol , the stress hormone, plays a major role in lowering testosterone levels , and is a hormone responsible for muscle catabolism and fat anabolism. It is therefore interesting to fight against this hormone in order to have better testo levels, as well as a denser muscle mass.

    TestoPrime Ireland reduces the level of stress to a maximum height of 71.8% ( find out more on the official website ). It should be understood, however, that the effects vary between each person, and that everyone (including me) has not been lucky enough to have such effects.

    ● Physical Energy

    TestoPrime Ireland also contains ingredients aimed at increasing your strength levels , ideal for people stagnating in their mass gain or wishing to maintain their muscle mass during a cut.

    Again, according to the manufacturer, TestoPrime Ireland will improve your level of physical energy by boosting your body’s oxygenation.

    According to the studies available on their website (under the FAQ), TestoPrime Ireland would increase your strength by 138.4% (pay attention to these figures all the same, I personally experienced some effects on my strength, but not to this height).

  3. Reduce Stress

    As explained in the “mental energy” section above, TestoPrime Ireland helps to naturally fight against stress and therefore helps to limit the effects of cortisol on muscle mass and testosterone levels.

  4. Improve Libido

    As you age, your libido naturally declines. This is perfectly normal. TestoPrime Ireland allows you to secrete more testosterone and to fully exploit the available one, its effects on your libido will be almost immediate.

  5. Help Burn Fat

    TestoPrime Ireland also helps you maintain an excellent basal metabolism and therefore burn fat more easily .

    Indeed, some of the ingredients in this supplement promote thermogenesis , ie your body’s ability to produce heat.

    According to studies conducted by the institutes responsible for testing the products, TestoPrime Ireland would burn up to 16% more fat .

What Are The Benefits of Using TestoPrime?

The manufacturer claims that men who use TestoPrime Ireland will notice a number of benefits:

● More energy and stamina
● Increased muscle strength and size
● Easier fat burning
● Less stress and anxiety
● Mood enhancement
● Increased libido and virility
● Feeling of greater motivation and self-confidence

The official website presents the following 5 claims

● Reduces stress by up to 72.6%.
● Burns up to 16% of body fat
● Increased stamina up to 92.2%.
● Increase muscle strength by 138.7%.
● Convert fat to energy 12% faster

TestoPrime Ingredients

TestoPrime Ingredients

To develop TestoPrime Ireland, the manufacturer has made a wide selection of natural ingredients that will boost your testosterone production to bring you many benefits. Here are the ingredients of the composition of TestoPrime Ireland:

  1. Aspartic Acid

    Aspartic acid is one of the 22 proteinogenic amino acids available to our body.

    If you know a little about sports nutrition, you know that amino acids make up proteins and that they are essential for building our muscles and our energy levels.

    In short, they are very useful. Among these amino acids, I find aspartic acid which takes care of boosting the production of testosterone. It promotes the production of the lutheinizing hormone also called LH. This hormone intervenes at the origin of the production of testosterone through the Leydig cells at the level of the testicles.

  2. Ginseng (Panax)

    Ginseng ( panax ginseng) is one of the most widely used plants in food supplements, whether for sport or for everyday life. It has been found for centuries in the Chinese pharmacopoeia as long as it is powerful. So much so that traditional Chinese doctors claimed that ginseng root could cure all ailments. This has not been verified and there is little chance that this is the case. However, many studies attest to the effects of this adaptogenic plant on our energy level.

    As a natural tonic, ginseng will rebalance your nervous system. I talk about an adaptogenic plant because it adapts to your level of stress and your whole body.

    It will fight fatigue. It is crucial to make every effort to enjoy a good level of energy and little stress if you want to have a satisfactory level of testosterone.

    Studies tend to affirm that ginseng would have direct effects on the production of testosterone. These studies are very encouraging and I sure that ginseng deserves its place in a testosterone booster.

  3. Ashwagandha Extract

    Ashwagandha is also called “Indian ginseng”. A cousin of ginseng, ashwagandha has always been used in Ayurvedic medicine.

    Unlike ginseng, either the root of this plant or the leaf is used. Namely that the leaf will be the most interesting, because it has a higher concentration of active ingredients. When it comes to the effects of ashwagandha extract, there are two main benefits:

    ● Increased testosterone level;
    ● Reduction in the level of stress and therefore the level of cortisol ( stress hormone ) responsible for muscle catabolism and weight gain.

    The big advantage with TestoPrime Ireland is that in combination with ginseng, which is also one of the ingredients, the ashwagandha extract potentiates its effects. This will further increase your testosterone production and reduce your stress levels.

  4. Fenugreek

    When it comes to boosting testosterone levels and dietary supplements, fenugreek is never far away.

    Used for thousands of years, fenugreek is recognized for its benefits. This is why many doctors, especially in Indian and Chinese medicine, recommended this leguminous plant to treat their patients.

    Today, integrated in many food supplements, its functions are multiple.

    ● It tends to solve problems related to libido and sexual functions;
    ● It improves our energy state;
    ● For athletes, it increases physical endurance;
    ● It also helps eliminate fat.

    As you will have understood, fenugreek will represent a versatile natural ingredient in TestoPrime Ireland by providing you with a good level of energy, by boosting your testosterone levels and by its fat burning effect.

  5. Green Tea Extract

    Green tea, whose scientific name is camelia sinensis, is a plant that is consumed mainly as a hot drink to such an extent that it is the second most consumed drink in the world after water.

    Today, a large number of clinical studies have demonstrated the virtues of green tea, in particular thanks to the polyphenols it contains. They are antioxidants. This means that it fights against free radicals responsible for oxidative stress. In the end, we end up in better shape and in better health.

    In addition to this, green tea plays a role in our testosterone levels by limiting the transformation of this anabolic hormone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Also, it is illustrated in countless dietary supplements to help with weight loss. Green tea is a perfect fat burner with an appetite suppressant action. Finally, theine, which is the caffeine in tea, is a molecule that provides a very good level of energy.

  6. Grenade

    Considered an exotic fruit, the pomegranate is a fruit that is consumed more and more in our Western culture. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, it is one of the most used products in cosmetics and increasingly used in food supplements.

    As for athletes who want to take a natural steroid like TestoPrime Ireland, pomegranate will provide better blood oxygenation. Let’s not forget, a better oxygenated body is a body that will have more endurance, strength and better recovery. It also means that you will be able to do more intense weight training sessions to achieve your physical goals.

    In addition, the pomegranate will have the advantage of helping you burn fat and more precisely to detoxify the body.

  7. Zinc

    If oysters are called “aphrodisiacs”, it is thanks to the amount of zinc they contain. It is found in a good part of the effective testosterone boosters that are intended for men and bodybuilders.

    This essential mineral is involved in the production of testosterone and in spermatogenesis (making semen). Indeed, a study was able to observe that there was a correlation between the amount of zinc present in our body and our level of testosterone. Zinc has also been shown to slow and limit the conversion of testosterone to estradiol.

    In addition, zinc acts in the metabolism of proteins and fats. This means two things: on the one hand, the calories you store will be better redirected into energy, on the other hand, you will store less fat.

  8. Vitamins D, B6 and B5

    Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin. Essential to the good constitution of our bones and our skin, scientists have also noticed a correlation between our level of vitamin D and our level of testosterone.

    Vitamins B5 and B6 will have more action around our energy and our level of stress. Indeed, vitamin B6 is good for balancing the nervous system and providing energy. It controls the level of estrogen, it acts on our production of serotonin (happiness hormone) and dopamine (pleasure hormone).

    Just like its sister vitamin B6, vitamin B5 fights fatigue. It promotes the metabolism of fats into energy. In addition, doctors are increasingly using this molecule in people who have cholesterol problems in the context of poor dietary hygiene. It will combine perfectly with all the other ingredients to make TestoPrime Ireland an effective testosterone booster .

  9. Garlic Extract
    Garlic is an ingredient widely consumed around the world. Whether you like it or not, it is a super food whose effects are recommended by all nutritionists. Incredibly rich in antioxidants, garlic is a blood thinner that is very suitable for people who have heart problems. It improves the immune system and thereby increases your energy level. More specifically, garlic increases the production of nitric oxide which has the effect of facilitating blood oxygenation and boosting your energy.

    Along with its benefits to our health, a study conducted on rats opened up clues about garlic and testosterone ( 6 ). This natural ingredient has been shown to promote testosterone production in rats.

  10. Black pepper extract

    Black pepper extract contains a molecule called piperine. Piperine, also called Bioperine, is an extremely interesting alkaloid to include in food supplements. Black pepper extract has the particularity of improving the bioavailability of ingredients. In other words, it will allow you to assimilate even better all the active ingredients that we have mentioned to you in this part on the composition of TestoPrime Ireland.

    In addition to boosting the effects of natural ingredients, black pepper activates an enzyme that aids digestion and is a natural fat burner. A significant bonus that will help to facilitate the achievement of your goals.

Dosage & Side Effects

Dosage : How to Use TestoPrime?

It’s always best to know how a supplement works before you start using it. According to the official website, the best time to take it is in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach. It is necessary to maintain an interval of 30-45 minutes between taking it and eating breakfast.

Each bottle contains 120 capsules, and you need to take 4 each time. This dosage seems to be quite large, but it is formulated according to the daily needs of an adult male body.

Take it with a glass of water and at least half an hour before meals to avoid digestive problems. Don’t forget that even natural products have effects on the body.

Are There Any Side Effects ?

TestoPrime Ireland formula is made up of vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts that rarely cause side effects, so virtually anyone can use it.

However, if you are allergic to any of its ingredients, you should not use TestoPrime Ireland. In addition, the use of  TestoPrime Ireland is not recommended for children under the age of 18.

If you are chronically ill, you should not use TestoPrime Ireland without consulting your doctor first.

Although this is a product for men, it is never a stretch to say that pregnant or breastfeeding women should not take TestoPrime Ireland.

My Results After Using TestoPrime For 3 months

Opinions on TestoPrime Ireland are still rare on the web and my site the first Irish sites to have tested this product. This exclusivity, I have used it to bring you all the details in order to give you an accurate opinion on the product.

To carry out the TestoPrime Ireland test and to give you the most faithful opinion possible, I have put ourselves under the normal conditions of a bodybuilding practitioner who is looking for a testosterone booster and who aims to gain more muscle and gain strength, energy. My TestoPrime Ireland cure therefore lasted 3 months.

The first 6 weeks of treatment

TestoPrime Ireland

Once the capsules arrive quickly at home, I ready to do a cure to boost testosterone. I started it in October, which is timely with the arrival of winter.

Stress, the upcoming Christmas periods and the surrounding news are so many negative things for the testosterone level. So, TestoPrime Ireland came as a messiah to get us out of there. Did he succeed or, on the contrary, fail in his mission? This is what we will see…

The first 15 days of treatment produced relatively few effects . We must all the same note a better general energy . To go to the room, I had more enthusiasm and the sessions went well.

This period of the past fortnight, the supplement really has its effect. It takes time for the body to adapt to the active ingredients and vice versa. Note that for some people this may be faster.

Until the sixth week of treatment with TestoPrime Ireland, I noticed clear improvements in terms of endurance , strength and energy level .

The advantage of doing a cure with such quality and natural compounds is that we take advantage of their benefits even outside the room.

It can be said that TestoPrime Ireland has helped me to improve overall well-being. This has the effect of boosting the level of testosterone. The motivation to go to the weight room was there. The strength and energy to do intense sessions were also there.

Also, I had no trouble recovering from sessions even if they were more intense. These 6 weeks have therefore gone wonderfully. So, if the beginning was also beneficial, was the second half of the cure as successful? I will tell you everything.

The last 6 weeks of treatment

During cure, I floated like a feeling of invincibility . Truth be told, I didn’t know if it was a placebo effect or the effects of the complement, but everything was fine under the best conditions whether in the room or outside the room.

Although I were not able to observe any “aesthetic” results at the beginning of the treatment, it was during the last weeks that the results showed up. It was then that I understood that it was not about the placebo effect, but about the effectiveness of the product . The supplement therefore allowed I to lose weight during the first weeks without really realizing it.

And, as it allows you to gain muscle at the same time thanks to higher testosterone levels and more intense sessions, our bodies have observed changes. Finally, I have clearly improved my muscle volume and also the definition. In fact, what you have to remember about this product is that it is not a supplement that will be intended specifically for people who want to cut or gain mass . It will suit everyone!

I would like to point out that I do bodybuilding 3 to 4 times a week and I observe excellent food hygiene. Do not hesitate to search my site, I share tons of advice in bodybuilding and sports nutrition.

Where to Buy TestoPrime in Ireland & What About Price?

The official TestoPrime Ireland website offers formulas whose price varies according to the duration of your cure.

If you need to take 4 capsules a day for 1 month, you buy a box of 120 capsules. TestoPrime Ireland is only available online, you have the choice between the following 3 formulas and on sale in July 2022:

There are 3 different packs :

● 1 bottle x 120 capsules at a price of $59.99 USD, in order for one month supply.

● 2 bottles x 120 capsules at a price of $227.97 USD (currently only $119.99 USD) + 1 free bottle, which represents a savings of $107.98 USD for 3 months supply.

● 3 bottles x 120 capsules at a price of $455.94 USD (currently only $179.99 USD) + 3 free bottles, the most advantageous pack with a saving of $275.95 USD for 6 months supply.

TestoPrime Ireland offers a lifetime “money back” guarantee

TestoPrime Ireland comes with ebooks of tips and tricks to optimize testosterone production.

TestoPrime Ireland is delivered free of charge throughout Ireland and to be ordered only on the official website of the manufacturer from www.testoprime.com

TestoPrime Money Back Guarantee

A satisfaction guarantee is something that all testosterone boosters should have. A money back guarantee is basically a proof of confidence in the product. Manufacturers would never make such a bet if they thought their products might not work.

Several manufacturers of testosterone boosters promise to give you a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product. TestoPrime Ireland, in particular, leads the industry with a long 100-days return window.

The promise to get your money back should give you some peace of mind when you decide to try your luck with a supplement.

Contact us here, if you have any questions all about TestoPrime in Ireland.